'Upon Reflections' Installation at the Sir John Soane's Museum

Ceramic, Glaze, Marble.

'Upon Reflection' Vase with hand drawn designs inspired by the Sir John Soane's Museum.

I created this piece as part of a group installation with other students at the Royal College of Art. I was very inspired by the shock of the contrast between the calm exterior and the excess of the interior world at the Sir John Soane's Museum.

I decided to create a vase which would be cut in half, with its interior only visible through a mirror;
the effects created by mirrors throughout the house is something I greatly admire.

The interior world of my vase is distorted and exaggerated, rather like the effect of a fish-eye lens.
I hope that the piece is almost missed at first, its shape and colour blending into the surroundings, and then upon closer inspection, so much more is revealed.

A 'Upon Relfection' vase was commissioned by the Royal Over Seas League Music Award as its trophy in 2009