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Small works in shop

On the left is a selection of small works, available for sale. Each piece is made in a series and is handmade, painted and signed by Katharine. Every piece is unique and may vary slightly from the image.

Most of the work is in stock but will sometimes be made to order.
If we don't have your piece in stock we will let you know immediately and see if you want the piece made to order. If you are working to a tight deadline please contact Katharine beforehand to discuss timescales.

Please note that delivery currently only includes the UK. For international delivery please contact Katharine who will be happy to help and send out your item.

Some items on the shop, due to weight need to be send via courier. In this case, at the checkout you will be invited to contact Katharine to arrange shipping.

Deliveries are sent via courier or recorded delivery and are fully insured against damage.

Large-Scale Works

If you are interested in commissioning a large piece from the collection or want to discuss a large-scale project, please contact Katharine to arrange a meeting or phone call to discuss the piece that you would like.

Questions or Problems?

Just drop us a line on the contact page and we will get back to you.

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Matchbox with Swallow Design by Katharine Morling
Price: £ 210.00
Butterfly Drawer by Katharine Morling, image by Stephen Brayne
Price: £ 350.00
Ball of wool and needles
Price: £ 170.00
Price: £ 190.00
Price: £ 170.00
Pot of Stationary Bits
Price: £ 500.00
Mother and baby turtle by Katharine Morling
Price: £ 380.00
Paintbrush and Paint tube by Katharine Morling
Price: £ 150.00
Pot of Scissors by Katharine Morling, image by Stephen Brayne
Price: £ 210.00
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